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Brand Support Solutions

Extensive Retailer Network


With direct access to over 2,500 active customers across Canada our established network of physical and virtual sales locations is considerable. From small independent dealers to mass retailers, hardware co-ops and regional farm and ag stores to c-stores and major online enterprises including the biggest and best known, we reach all sorts and sizes of local, regional and national retailers to deliver brands seamless national coverage and the real opportunity for accelerated exposure throughout Canada.


Marketing Support


Building a brand is tedious. Designing, nurturing and maintaining that unique and memorable identification with the market is complicated, time consuming and expensive. We can help. From the strategic to the tactical, design to delivery, our marketing department can help you with the how-to of your go-to-market strategy.


Online Retail Support


From a dedicated ecommerce website to an eBay storefront to whatever degree you participate in online retail, we’ve assembled the resources to maximize your impact in this rapidly evolving and highly specialized environment. Our in-house digital marketing team and IT group work hand-in-hand to bring you the best practices, technical expertise, and pro-quality digital assets unique to the online channel. And for access, our cutting-edge digital asset management system brings automated integration with all of the major ecommerce storefronts allowing us to serve up brands and products to these fast growing marketplaces quickly, consistently and with the highest quality representation.


Channel-Aligned Sales Coverage


Power Source Canada’s centralized and dedicated approach to channel management is tailored to meet the unique requirements of each distinct sales enterprise we serve. Through our teams of 100% channel-aligned sales and service resources we bring an extremely focused, highly specialized level of know-how to the needs of customers of all sorts, large and small, in-store and e-store, and in all 10 provinces and 2 territories. Our value is driven by a dedicated channel approach that pairs experienced sales and sales support experts with knowledgeable teams of Customer Care specialists. Sales and service professionals solely tasked with and fully committed to knowing and supporting the singular requirements of the channel they serve.

Post-Sale Product Administration


Leveraging decades of major manufacturer representation, we’ve become expert in post-sale product administration. Tailored or turn-key, Power Source Canada has honed the processes, trained the people and created the technologies that allow you to offload the direct management of all sorts of costly and complicated after-sale support activities. Warranty administration, returns processing, rework support; we have the tools in place to manage the customers while providing you with all the visibility and reporting you need to manage your business.










Want to Become a Supplier or Dealer?


Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us to learn more about Power Source Canada and our complete offering of value-generating sales, distribution, and business support services.

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