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Supply Chain Solutions


Omni-Party Logistics


Because most sales and distribution markets are highly regionalized many companies find themselves stuck managing their market-side supply chain through a patchwork of local third party suppliers. But piecing together nationwide exposure through multiple vendors can come with some pretty serious sacrifices to consistency, service quality and administrative budgets.


Power Source Canada is a fully integrated, single-source national provider of supply chain support and management. We deliver our market-side supply chain solutions across a seamless footprint that reaches into all 10 provinces and 2 territories providing the coast-to-coast coverage our partners desire with the ease that only a single, unified organization can offer.


Distributed Warehousing


Our intelligent order routing systems precisely match orders to the Power Source Canada shipping location with the most complete order fill inventory and the nearest proximity to the final destination. Each strategically placed distribution center in our nationwide network is regionally zone optimized for optimal coverage reducing distance-to-destination and time-in-transit allowing us to reach customers quickly, efficiently and at the best possible overall value.


Key Supplier Relationships


Our size means business. The volume we produce, thousands of monthly shipments, resonates with key logistics and transportation suppliers. The business we can swing allows us to generate tremendous value for our customers and partners through fair but well negotiated discount structures and expansions of service.

Strong, positive relationships with the leading small parcel and LTL logistics companies translate to expanded service, later pick-up times and favorable rates.


Parcel & Pallet

DC specific regional zone optimization established in partnership with key logistics suppliers ensures the latest order cut-off times and next day service to 99% of Canada.


Next Day Service

Established connections with specialists in rapid deployment and emergency shipping minimize service disruption when severe weather events occur.



Emergency Response

A continuous auditing process ensures alignment with the proven leaders; the fastest, most consistent, and most dependable regional truck freight providers available.


Regionally Optimized LTL


Fulfillment Technologies


Power Source Canada is physical distribution. Our value is amplified through the fast, efficient movement of goods through our facilities and on to their final destinations. Starting with the most intelligent, deeply integrated inventory control, warehouse management and order fulfillment technologies then aligning those tools with an expert staff from the warehouse floor to the executive offices, Power Source Canada sets the measure for speed, accuracy and overall value and consistently maintains the exacting service levels that reinforce brand preference.


Turnkey Drop Ship Services


Completely integrated with more traditional capabilities to maximize efficiency, our direct-to-consumer drop ship solutions have been carefully designed to let you leverage our inventories, fulfillment technologies and coast-to-coast service network. Our systems allow us to easily and efficiently manage and process electronic orders, fulfill, and drop ship as small as a single line item direct-to-consumer order then close the loop for tracking and invoicing automatically through EDI. And we can do it all transparent to the buyer using your own branding and unique documentation.


Professional In-House IT


We’re passionate about our information technology and the insights, speed and efficiency it brings when deployed sensibly and professionally. Power Source Canada is deeply invested in enterprise-supporting technologies and even more so in the people that make them work. We can’t depend on outsourced solutions so we employ a full staff of IT professionals from specialists in systems integration, applications support and web development to business and supporting systems administrators. Our diversified team of employee experts together with a well-grounded and practical IT foundation allow us to pack a sweeping array of service solutions under one roof yet easily connect to every corner of Canada.

Want to Become a Supplier or Dealer?


Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us to learn more about Power Source Canada and our complete offering of value-generating sales, distribution, and business support services.

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