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"PSC's large engine inventory means that engines are very rarely back-ordered and often can be ordered to easily meet free freight requirements."


Steven A.

 Solutions for All Shapes and Sizes 

From independent mom-and-pop shops to the largest traditional and e-commerce retailers in the world, Power Source Canada connects brands and products, service and support to more than 2,500 sales, service and retail customers across Canada.


Outdoor Power Sales and Service


The outdoor power sales and service industry is composed of establishments engaged in retail sales and after-sales maintenance and repair, including manufacturer warranty service, of small gasoline-powered engines, commercial outdoor power equipment, consumer lawn and garden equipment and related maintenance parts and accessories. Typically operating from storefronts with both retail and mechanical service spaces, the industry is largely local and independent consisting of over 2,500 companies across Canada.




The hardware supply industry is engaged in the retail sale of many basic hardware lines including tools, builders’ hardware, paint, lawn and garden products and small engine-powered equipment. Operating from conveniently located retail storefronts, the industry includes some local independent retailers and many more under the umbrella of a few large regional or national co-operatives such as Ace, True Value and Home Hardware.


Equipment Rental


The equipment rental industry is engaged in the short term rental of a variety of consumer, commercial and industrial equipment including contractors' and builders' tools and equipment, home repair tools and lawn and garden equipment. Typically operating from conveniently located storefronts, the industry is primarily composed of many local independent operators, some multi-location regional companies and a few large national organizations such as Sunbelt Rentals, Battlefield Equipment & United Rentals.


Traditional Mass Retail


The traditional mass market retail industry is composed of a small group of very large nationwide suppliers that maintain brick and mortar establishments to retail affordably priced products that appeal to a wide variety of consumers. Mass market retailers such as Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart and home improvement retailers The Home Depot and Lowes offer conveniently located warehouse style or superstore retail locations across Canada.


Online Retail


While dominated by a very small group of very large general merchandise mass retailers such as Amazon Prime Fulfillment, the online retail industry is also composed of a great many smaller specialty retailers as well as participants to varying levels and degrees in selling sites such as eBay. It is a rapidly growing sales channel that includes ecommerce destinations for traditional brick-and-mortar establishments, one-to-many auction sites, online marketplaces, discounters, and online-only sales destinations such as Wayfair. Traditionally order fulfillment has been from company owned and warehoused inventory, but increasingly companies are choosing to utilize consumer drop shipment services through a secondary source for order fulfillment.


Turf and Grounds Care


The turf and grounds care industry is composed of individuals, organizations and governmental entities engaged in professional landscape care and grounds maintenance services for households, commercial properties and municipal green spaces. The industry includes a great many local independent operators, commercial operators employed by municipalities, schools and other governmental organizations and a few large national organizations.




The forestry industry is composed of arborist, pruning and clearing services, overhead utility line maintenance providers, logging and other general commercial timber and residential forestry services and the retail establishments that supply them with the finished goods, accessories, maintenance parts, repair services and training that support industrial, commercial and residential tree cutting activities.


Farm and Agriculture


The farm and agriculture supply industry is composed of general merchandise retail establishments typically specializing in farm and ranch supplies including livestock, equine and pet care, lawn and garden maintenance supplies, home improvement supplies, outdoor power equipment and outdoor sporting, hunting and fishing supplies. Primarily regional with a few larger national companies, the stores may range in size from small hardware store-like formats to larger warehouse-style stores.


Industrial and Construction Trades


This encompassing industry includes retailers, suppliers and providers of a variety of construction trade products and services including work site supply, equipment sales, electrical service and supply, and roofing and plumbing service and supply. It also includes industrial parts and products supply for large, heavy industries such as mining, oil and gas production and utilities and infrastructure construction and maintenance.


Motor and Power Sports


The motorsports supply industry is primarily engaged in the sales of purpose-built engines, maintenance and repair parts, accessories and associated manufacturing, service and repair functions in support of the highly specialized racing sports. The powersports retailer industry is composed of establishments primarily engaged in the retailing and servicing of motorcycles, golf carts, off-road all-terrain vehicles, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, utility trailers and associated accessories


Original Equipment Manufacturing


The OEM supply industry acts as a primary source of parts and components to Original Equipment Manufacturers for use in the fabrication and production of finished goods. In this specific instance, purpose-built and application matched engines, engine components and parts are supplied to non-automotive engine-powered equipment manufacturers serving many recreational, industrial and chore-related industries including marine, lawn and garden, construction, work site, snow removal and motorsports.


Vocational Education


Vocational education is an educational track designed to train students for specific jobs often in the trade, mechanical, agricultural and technical fields. Vo-Ed is taught at many levels including middle and high school, post-secondary and adult education, with degree track programs often provided through technical schools and community colleges. Due to the highly specialized technical and mechanical nature of the training, programs are generally taught through a blend of classroom and hands-on learning which require specialized and expert assistance in the development of curricula and the acquisition of the appropriate tools, equipment and learning aids.

Want to Become a Supplier or Dealer?


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